Tranny ass in Boots!

Tranny ass in Boots!

No not literally. But this photo clearly shows some tranny ass and also some awesome boots. Do you realize that is Angeles Cid showing off her ass in public? Yep thats her and she is smoking hot in this photo set. We only called it Tranny ass in Boots on this site but you can call it anything that you like. Hot is what it is. Cock hardening hot!

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Tranny ass in boots

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Angeles Cids bikini body.

Angeles Cids bikini body!

Angeles Cids amazing shemale body in a bikini! Check out those tits and how she hides her cock.

The video below is one that is going to amaze you. It was shot in Mexico at a beautiful private location. And as you can see Angeles Cids bikini body looked perfect.  In fact it looked so perfect you could say that it was down right tasty! Now the big question as always is. How does she hide that massive cock of hers in such a small bikini bottom?

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Angeles Cid Bikini


Also make sure to enjoy this video. It is Angeles in the pool at the same location showing off her perfect tranny body! You will love knowing the simple fact that there were other people watching Angeles as she posed in the pool. She also had to adjust her cock several times and her tits as well. But the guys and even the woman watching loved it.

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Angeles Cid Shemale pornstar in panties

Angeles Cid Shemale Pornstar!


Angeles Cid looks amazing in anything! However when you find photos of this sexy shemale pornstar in panties with a hard on? Watch out!


Angeles Cid in sexy blue panties.

Angeles Cid Shemale pornstar
Big Cock PornStar Angeles Cid.

Sext Round ass Angeles Cid.

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Angeles Cids ass! And wow what an ass.

Angeles Cids ass! And wow what an ass.

Its a simple question guys. How much do you love and want to get inside of Angeles Cids ass! That thing is perfect to bounce your hips on as you drive your cock deep into her hole. Can you just imagine the soft feel on your hips? Now go as deep as you can and then reach around and grab a-hold of those big tits and pull deeper. Listen to her moan as your cock shoved down on her prostate!

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Angeles Cids ass

Just think about how she smells as you stand behind her with your cock in her ass hole. Think about how the head and shaft are throbbing in her hole and each time it causes pain that is also ecstasy. Now start to stroke again. Slow at first but making sure to go all the way down as deep as you can. Push her body forward so your pole slams as deep as it can go.

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Big Tranny Cock outdoors! Check out Angeles Cid

Big Tranny Cock outdoors! Check out Angeles Cid! Yes guys this is the super star Angeles Cid. The photo set and the movie were both shot at a private home and Angeles Loved being naked outdoors.

Angles felt it was very liberating to be able to walk around the gardens and swim naked and not have people stare or say bad things to her. So she enjoyed getting her cock hard and masturbating for you. Knowing that you were going to love the backgrounds and the sensuality of it all.

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Big Tranny Cock outdoors

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Angeles Cid in lingerie outdoors!

Angeles Cid in lingerie outdoors! Can you imagine going outside and seeing a site like this! Thats the super porn star Angeles Cid in lingerie outdoors! And as you can see her tits are out. And there is a big and beautiful bulge in her panties.

The location was an amazing home in Cancun Mexico and Angeles wanted to shoot in the sun light. So we took her to the top sun deck. She of course started stripping and got those beautiful tits out, and then we started to hear the whistles. There was a construction site on the other side of the house and the crew was watching her. Needless to say Angeles waved and bounced her tits for the guys. But they did sort of get quite when she pulled out her huge cock.

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Angeles Cid in Lingerie outdoors

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Angeles Cid Shemale or Female?

Angeles Cid Shemale or Female? So based on the photo below. What would be your opinion and why? Angeles Cid shemale or female? Also what do you like most about Angeles Cid and what do you like the least?

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Angeles Cid shemale or female

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