High Heels Adriana Lynn Rush! Nice legs also!

High Heels Adriana Lynn Rush! Nice legs also! I call her that because simply put she always has them on. If not this pair of heels. Then she has on another. So High Heels Adriana Lynn Rush is a good title or nick name for her. You can also call her hot, sexy or what ever you want. She is smokin and needs to be seen on video!

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Tranny Ass Spread. And this one is Adriana! We see a lot of tranny ass spread around here. And this sexy and amazing photo is of Adriana’s ass. And what a nice hole she has. Just take a close look.

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Adriana Lynn Rush

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Adriana Lynn Rush in heels!

Sexy Shemale PornStar Adriana Lynn Rush in heels on the bed? Good thing she is HOT or I would toss her ass right out!

Adriana Lynn Rush in heels
Shemale PornStar Adriana Lynn Rush!

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