Vitress Tamayo Cosplay Shemale PornStar

Check out Vitress Tamayo the Shemale Pornstar in a bit of sexy Cosplay! You are going to love this little lady. She has big tits, a big ass and a hard cock. Yes her cock is a bit small but her mouth will make up for that. You can fuck either hole you want. And one of the best parts is that Vitress Tamayo Loves Cosplay and will dress up for you as anything you like. Then you can drive your cock into her holes all night long!

Vitress Tamayo Cosplay Shemale PornStar
Vitress Tamayo Cosplay Shemale PornStar

Beautiful Babe, Vitress Tamayo Shemale PornStar

Vitress Tamayo likes to play dress up and she looks amazing in this sexy shemale pornstar cosplay!

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Do not miss out on seeing this amazingly curvy body completely naked and spread out on her bed. Cock standing up and nipples hard and pointed at the ceiling. All while she waits for you to mount her and ram her hard.

Busty ladyboy Vitress is ready for some fun!

Busty ladyboy Vitress is ready for some fun!

Do you recognize the Busty ladyboy in the photo below? That is none other than the super star Vitress Tamayo. She is the ladyboy from the Philippines and the one most known for her sexy little costumes. You might have already noticed that she has beautiful hair and full sensual lips. She also has a big set of tits on her.

Vitress tells us that her nipples are sensitive in a way of excitement only and that means you can be gentle or rough with them. As long as your goal is to her her cock hard and her love hole ready to be poked!

Vitress will literally do anything to get you hot and hard so make sure and let her know what you like. This Busty ladyboy is the best at pleasing men in person or in the members area of her website.

Busty Ladyboy

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Vitress Tamayo cosplay in bunny ears cosplay!

Vitress Tamayo Cosplay! Do you know that stands for Comstume Play? Well now you do, and now you can better concentrate on Vitress Tamayo in bunny ears. Personally I cant get my eyes off her tits so the costume means little to me but maybe you like the over all package that Vitress presents as Vitress Tamayo cosplay!

Vitress Tamayo Cosplay

For those of you that dont know, Vitress loves to dress up in cute and sexy outfits so check out this video and then the members area of her site. If you want to see her dressed as something specific, let her know so she can buy the outfit.

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