Keira Verga Upskirt

Keira Verga Upskirt!

And wow what a short skirt this is. Just take a close look at this body fitting dress. It shows off Keira’s curves better than anything else I have see her in. Or out of for that matter! Also you can clearly see this upskirt shot that shows off her package of a cock stuffed into white panties and hidden. How hot is that big bulge she has. Can you just feel it in your hand as you caress her balls and cock?

If you have not yet seen this photo set, let me tell you a little of what is going to happen in it. Its no secret that Keira will get naked. But watching her pull this dress up those amazing thighs to reveal her panties. Then taking off her panties to show that hot and hard tranny cock? Well its just toooo much for most men and they bust a nut really fast. So take a look guys its truly Keira Verga Upskirt!

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Keira Verga UpSkirt

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Keira Verga in Ripped Stockings!

Keira Verga in Ripped Stockings!

Hey guys it’s me, Keira Verga and I wanted to share a sample of a set that is well. It’s kind of hot I think. Take a look at the image below and let me know what you think. Please post some comments.

Now let me tell you how this set came about!  I was arriving at the place to take the photos and videos and as I got out of the car I somehow ripped my stockings on the car door. I was actually pissed and very sad.  Anyway when I got inside I put a finger into the hole and it ripped a little more.  So the photo and video people said. get on the bed and then rip those stockings off. It often makes for great photos and movies.  So the sample photo below is from that set and I have to admit it came out pretty damn hot. So now you know what happened for this to be called Keira Verga in Ripped Stockings. See it actually has a true story.
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Keira Verga in ripped stockings

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Keira Vergas legs, Panties and cock!

Keira Vergas legs!


Gents, Im here to show off a couple parts of my body and I do hope that you find that you love viewing them.  So take a look at my photo below and enjoy Keira Vergas legs.  These are a couple photos from a set I have in my members area, but I think they show off my legs, Panties and cock pretty well.

Keira Vergas legs



Oh and if you must know, I do give you permission to worship my tranny cock as well as my legs.

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Kisses, Keira Verga!

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Sexy Keira Verga
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Sexy Keira
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Keira Verga
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