Angeles Cid Spread wide!

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Lets take the first idea. The one where you get on top of her. With one hand on one of those big beautiful trans titties. You reach back and grab her huge tranny cock. Then line it up with your ass. Now gently rock your hips back and push slowly. You will start to feel the head of her cock putting pressure on your hole. It’s going to hurt a little but keep pushing. The head of Angeles cock is huge but you can take it. Push just a little harder. Squeeze her tit in your hand as the head pops and penetrates your hold. Now in one sudden move jam your ass down the full lenght of her shaft. Then as you hit the bottom immediately rock back the other way lifting in the other direction. You can again feel the shaft going back out. But stop before her cock head pops out of your hole.

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Angeles Cid spread wide

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