Trans anal toy

So you might ask yourself if a Trans anal toy is any different than any other at the store. The answer as far as we know is NO! They are the same. Some trans girls like to use really small toys or the sexy toys that are designed for the prostate massage. Some girls like the trans anal toys to be big. And I mean HUGE.

Take a look at the Trans Anal Toy Percy Princess has in the sample photo below. It is somewhat fat, but mostly its long. She says taking it deeper is more sanctifying to her than having a fat one. So we were pleased to get this toy for her ass working fun! And trust me when we tell you that Percy took this anal toy nice and deep into her love hole. But to see that you must watch the movie. Its hot and you will love it.

Click the image below to check out the tour of Percys website. Then click the join link to sign up.
Trans anal toy

Go ahead and have some fun with Percy. You will be glad and so will your cock and balls that you did. Its hot to watch and even hotter to be a part of!


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