Petite trans girl ass

A lot of us guys like the petite trans girl ass. Why? Because our size compared gives us a bit of control and dominance of the girl. Its actually quite a turn on and it makes for a lot hotter of a time for us.

Very often though the petite trans girl ass is the hardest to get a hold of for sever reasons. Reason one is usually there are not that many petite trans girls around. And reason number two is that a lot of the petite trans girls are more on the dominant side themselves. They like to feel bigger than they are so they like to be more active than passive.

However the beauty we have here in the photo below is Amore. Its her name and its what she loves and is. She is an Amore! Petite, passive and 100% beautiful. This girl is pocket size and loves to get her tight little hole fucked.

Petite trans girl ass

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