Transparent Lingerie

I do not know about you but I love to see a hot, busty and hung trans girl wearing transparent lingerie. I do not really know what it is about transparent lingerie that is the turn on but its HOT. And especially when the girl is wearing it out in public. Why? Well simply because if she is wearing it out in public you can see her tits or maybe her ass. That is boner inducing and enough to wank to. However the girl needs to have a specific type of body for that sort of lingerie!

What type of body? Curvy of course. A big set of tits. Nice soft and round hips. A nice big and juicy ass and also a thick, fat and long cock that is going to get hard once you caress it and play with it. When a trans girl wears something like this its going to excite you. So be sure to compliment her and then spend a lot of time caressing her body. Make sure to touch her tits and run your hand down between her legs and caress her cock. If she gets hard then it might be time to free her cock and stroke her. Remember she is a lady and ladies always cum first.

Click on the image to see more of this hot set of Karla Carrillo in Transparent lingerie.

transparent lingerie


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