Transparent Body Suit

When it comes to lingerie we want to get your opinion. You can give it to us one of two ways. You can comment below and tell is what you think. Or you can use the star rating on this post and let us know. Basically we are asking if something like this Transparent Body Suit is hot or not!?!

Now take for instance the Transparent body suit you can see on Afrika Kampos in the photo below. Is this the type of lingerie that catches your attention? You can see through it from the top to the bottom and all the way down the arms. Afrika’s tits are very visible and so is her cock. Which as you can also see has decided to start escaping the lingerie and is heading out to get nice and hard. The Transparent lingerie she is wearing also goes well with clothing. She often wears this with jeans and some sort of jacket that she can hold closed when needed. However normally she keeps the jacket open and her tits and nipples exposed.

Click on the image below to check out more of the photos from this set. Afrika is going to jerk off because she got hot wearing this and posing for the camera.
Transparent body suti

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