Trans girls in glasses

Now this is something that we do not see much of. Trans girls in glasses that is. Maybe its because most of them do not need to wear them. Or it honestly could be that they do not see them as sexy like men do. I mean really. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to shoot your load across a beautiful face like this and it land on her glasses?

Nina does not need to wear glasses. However she also thought that trans girls in glasses are sexy so she got this pair and started wearing them. And we think that they look amazing on her. Do not get us wrong. The glasses are just an addition to how pretty and sexy Nina is. For some reason though they also make her tits look better as well. And well lets admit it. With the glasses on her ass looks nicer as well. jijij Just fucking with you. Nina has killer tits and ass anyway.

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Trans girls in glasses

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