Sexy Lingerie

Yeah yeah we know we have talked about this before. So has every other website out there. However when we talk about sexy lingerie we are more talking about the girl in it than the lingerie its self. Honestly if you walk into a bedroom and see some lingerie laying on the bed, do you see it as Sexy Lingerie? Did not think so. Who would. Its just cloth laying on a bed. it might be pretty or have a nice cut. But to make it sexy you simply need to add a hot girl into it.

Enter of course, Percy Princess. Now that the lingerie is on a nice body what do you think of it? You see first of all Percy is a beautiful girl. She has very nice and firm tits. They are not big but the look great in anything she wears. She also has a pretty nice size ass. Its round and firm as well and tight in the right little center spot!

Do you now see how the idea of sexy lingerie has takes on a new meaning. Its not about the cloth. Its about the skin barely covered by it.

Click on the image below to check out more of this set and you will we promise love it.
Sexy Lingerie


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