Petite Ladyboy Amor

Ok gents. This is the Petite Ladyboy Amor and if you have not yet seen her you really really must. As you can see by this sample photo, she is a real beauty. And that beauty is 100% natural. The only surgery she has had done was her boobs. She went from a natural A to a D and she loves her boobies. But all the rest is natural and as you can clearly also see, HOT!

When it comes to Petite Ladyboy Amor you only need to know a few things. The first thing is that her name in Spanish means Love and that she truly is. You will never meet a sweeter girl with a better outlook on life. She is all about love and passion and caring for others. The Second thing you should know is that she acts and is 100% woman with a little extra between her legs. So treat her as such. She deserves it.

The last thing to know about Amor is that she loves sex. She prefers to be a bottom or passive and she loves slow passionate sex with a man. Again, just treat her like a woman. Now if you happen to like to switch places from time to time just kiss her deeply and let her know.
Petite Ladyboy Amor

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