Petite Ladyboy Amor

When it comes to hot trans girls. I really do not believe there is a prettier one that Petite Ladyboy Amor. Just look at this image. How freaking beautiful is she? Oh sorry if her ass is drawing your attention. 🙂 Yeah kind of did that for a reason. I not only want you to check her her face. But also that ass! Petite Ladyboy Amor may be a small girl. But all of her parts are just perfect.

While her tits are not big compared to most trans girl tits. They are big for her body. And also perfect in shape. Furthermore her ass is perfect. Its small compared to some, but again. On her little body its big and perfect and the very place you will want to stick your cock.

Amor is a ladyboy and that means that she is Asian. If yous say she is a tranny, trans or shemale. She will agree. The words are more regional than anything and do not mean a lot to the girls. In fact, Amor is more like the third gender.

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Petite Ladyboy Amor


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