Long trans girl legs

Who else loves to get between a set of long trans girl legs? Yeah again what I guessed. We all do in one way or another. It does not matter if you are a top or a bottom. Being between a set of long trans girl legs help you find some peace and happiness. And not only that. It usually helps you find a good bit of tension release. Why? Because of what you are between those legs to do!

Lets say you are a bottom. Or Passive like the Latinas say. That means you are between the trans girls legs to do a number of things. Usually starting with some cock stroking. Then your going to suck the head of that cock deep into your mouth and work her pole. Once she is hard you will either turn around or climb on top and sink that cock balls deep into your ass. And that makes an orgasm for you and for her.

If you are a top or active and you are between long trans girl legs. Then most likely things are going to start out the same. You will begin by stroking her cock while she strokes yours. Then she will suck your cock. And finally she will sit her tight tranny ass down on your hard cock all the way to you balls. And again you both cum.

Long trans girl legs

So which are you? Top or Bottom?


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