Hung Trans girl Selfie

This is one of those photos that you must see. Do you know who is the star of this Hung Trans girl Selfie? If not you must be new to surfing trans girls online because she is one of the most famous in all the world.

OK so to make sure you know who you are looking at, this is none other than Mariana Cordoba’s hung trans girl selfie. She was just getting ready to go out and had not yet packed her cock away with panties so she grabbed a few photos for her fans. And for any of you that dont really know her, no her cock is NOT hard. It hangs that long almost all the time. And yes when her cock does get hard it will stand up. And its HOT!

Mariana’s website is filled with the best photos and movies of her doing all sorts of things. But she also happens to have a couple of sets like this that she took herself. So they are selfies. The guys seem to love them and I think you will as well.

Hung trans girl selfie

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