Curvy trans girl

I think that the vast majority of us love to check out a curvy trans girl. And yeah that normally means that she is a bit chubby or at least not muscular. But a Curvy trans girl offers a softer side to touch and that means she looks and feels more feminine. And to look and feel that way is one of the things that makes a curvy trans girl special.

Take a peek at the image below. This is Afrika Kampos for those of you who do not really know her. And she is one of those girls with some nice soft curves. Her tits are just big enough to measure right at t a C/D and they are nice and soft. Even with her implants you can hold them in your hands and wonder if they are natural or not. Afrika also has nice curves to her hips. And that is something that a lot of trans girls dont have. So as you slide your hand down her sides and feel her hips curve out you are going to want to jam her ass up against your hips. And it will be a lot more fun for both of you if you are naked.

Right now is a great time to examine some of Afrikas curves. Click on the image below to see for yourself.
Curvy trans girl


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