Curvy Karla Carrillo

Want to take a look at one of the most favorited trans girls around? This is the beautiful and Curvy Karla Carrillo! And as you can see. She meets that description from head to toe. So since we are here to talk about the Curvy Karla Carrillo lets break her down from head… to well lets stop at her big fat tranny cock. And just so you know we are stopping there because her toes are not visible in this photo.

Karlas Curvy lips.
In this photo its pretty easy to see that she has some very curvy lips. When we asked Karla about her lips she said that yes she had to have them injected. At one point she had a tooth that broke in a car crash. So to keep her lip from being damaged as well they ended up injecting it to make it firm for a few weeks while her tooth healed. Once that was done Karla had fallen in love with the Curvy lips look on her beautiful face and elected to keep it. Me personally I would love to have Karlas Curvy lips in mine or even on my cock.

Karlas big tits.
Now I am sure that you have also noted that Karla has a set of big tits on her. And I am certain that every man reading this blog loves to see a hot trans girl with big tits. So that means that Karla now has two features that we all love and love to look at. She has the Big Curvy Lips. And well the Big tits that are also very curvy! What do you think about this?

Curvy Kalra Carrillo

Karlas Curvy Hips.
The next step down on this amazing and curvy big is her big curvy hips. Now its not seen in this photo be she has those big curvy hips because she has a big curvy ass. And that ass is amazing. I mean really a big round and curvy bubble ass that screams to be licked and fucked. Also that ass is 100% a must see.

Karlas big curvy Cock.
I know we dont normally think of a trans girls cock as curvy but you must see this big and curvy cock right now. Karlas Big curvy cock is the one that is going to light a fire in you that wont ever go out. you will want to see this body over and over. Curvy Karla Carrillo is the hottest trans girl ever and with the best curvy parts!


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