Big Nipples Trans

So check out this Big Nipples Trans. Her name is Naomi Chi and for any of you who do not know, those are actually tattoos. Honestly though lets talk about the Big nipples thing. I know that the title is Big Nipples trans. But honestly and you should already know this. Those are not her nipples. Areola would be more correct. That’s the colored area around the nipple. But for some reason we men tend to lump the two things into one and call them big nipples or small nipples.

Even though we are using the wrong phrasing as pointed out above. We will still say that Naomi Chi is a Big nipples trans. And wow what a look those tattoos on her tits makes. Soft and as beautiful as the flower they are supposed to be. You can just spend hours licking and sucking on them. Holding those big round trans girl tits in your hands. Bouncing them around or maybe titty fucking her.

Naomi loves it all so make sure to let her know what you want to do. You can post comments in her members area.
Big Nipples Trans

Now that you have seen these tits I am certain that you need to see more. So all you have to do is click either the image above or one of the convenient text links.


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