Anal Masturbation

Do you know what Anal Masturbation is? If not then you really need to read what I have to say here. For those of you that do know then its time to scroll down and watch the movie clip below and enjoy the photo of Empatrize that I have here.

Now for those of you that dont know or are not really sure let me explain. Some guys think that this is just taking something and sticking it into your ass. While that feels great it is not the same as Anal Masturbation. As with all insertions. Be very careful what you do and or insert.

Now the idea is you find a device that is the right size for you. Lube it really well and then lube your ass. Push the device into your ass very slowly. Gentle and or if you can have someone do it for you. At first it will hurt. But as you get more excited from the pressure your ass will open. Then it will slide right in. Now lots of men get to this point and start masturbating. Most likely your cock is rock hard. But dont start stroking your cock. Stroke your ass with the device. That means pushing it in and pulling it back out right to the edge of it popping out of your ass. Then push it back in. Like a woman masturbating her pussy. You are working your ass the same way. And its exciting.

Now sit back and watch as Empartize does the same thing and makes herself cum. Then click on the image at the bottom to join the members area of this site and watch the whole movie. Anal masturbation is hot.

This is the image I told you to click on. So Click it!

Anal Masturbation


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