Amazon trans girl

Have you ever dated an Amazon trans girl? And no I am not talking about a girl you bought online. Those are dolls. I am talking about the real kind of Amazon trans girl. A girl like Azeneth! If you are not sure why I call her an amazon trans girl then you have never stood next to her or another girl like her.

Azeneth is 5 foot 10 inches standing flat footed. That means that by all normal standards, she is a tall woman. She has 36 DDD boobs and an ass to match! Then add in the simple fact that she loves to and almost always wears high heels. Well to use the phrase! “ That’s a big bitch!” But trust me when I say this its completely with a reverence of being on my knees loving every inch of her!

Now in the photo below of Azeneth, she is kneeling down in front of Sebastian. He is 6 foot 1 and that means that he is tall. But as you can see, she is also a big girl. And big girls are fun in bed because there is so much more of them to enjoy!

Click on the image to see those tits and that ass right now. Then be prepared to blow a huge load watching her and Sebastian fuck!
Amazon trans girl


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